Apothecary | No ordinary nail care

Apothecary | No ordinary nail care
Empowering you to colour your nails healthy goes hand in hand with diligent cuticle and nail care. Our Apothecary range of treatments embodies the very same principles as our award-winning polishes – breathable, vegan, cruelty-free formulas free from alcohol, parabens and animal derivatives.

…Their mission: To overcome damage from gel or acrylic manicures, environmental exposure and other lifestyle influences, nurturing and nourishing nails back to their natural, beautiful best.

With eight exceptional treatments in our Apothecary range, learn more about their unique advantages here and discover why these blends are real nail health heroes.
  1. Fortified with nourishing oils and antioxidant-rich actives (including Argan, Acai Berry and Vitamin E), our bestselling Acai Nail Elixir offers a bounty of nail benefits. It’s proven to help reduce nail breakage, strengthen the nail bed and boost nail growth, as well as actively hydrate, smooth and protect. It also works wonderfully as a base coat before you add colour. We think you’ll agree it’s a well-deserved award winner and true Nailberry icon.
  2. Those seeking swift relief from weak, brittle and flaky nails should reach for The Cure, our superior strengthening nail treatment. It’s proven formula combines protein- Black Algae, antioxidant Acai Berry Extract and a complex of Vitamins A, B5, C, E and F. Breakage and splitting diminish while condition and shine improve; plus like Acai Nail Elixir, The Cure can also be enjoyed as a breathable base cost under your L’Oxygéné polish.
  3. Our third (and final) multi-tasking base coat and treatment comes in the form of Strengthen & Breathe Oxygenated Base Coat and Nail Strengthener. Doing just what it says on the bottle, this dual-action formula helps limit nail breakage, boost nail condition and strength, plus enable smoother colour application and longer-lasting wear from your chosen Nailberry polish.
  4. Small yet mighty, our Little Treasure Nourishing Cuticle Oil is precisely what nails need to be nurtured back to health. A rich blend of concentrated Sweet Almond Oil and multivitamins, this clever complex softens and soothes dry, cracked cuticles, replenishes moisture in dry nails and prevents peeling.
  5. Even once your polish has been applied, we’ve still got nail health at the top of our agenda… Acetone-free, enriched with Jojoba Oil and featuring organic solvents, our Miracle Corrector Pen swiftly erases polish mishaps while nourishing skin around the nail bed, ensuring a flawless finish, fast.
  6. None of us needs our busy lifestyles messing up a perfectly crafted manicure. For a smudge-free finish in a fraction of the time, arm yourself with our Dry and Dash Lacquer Drying Drops. A unique blend of volatiles and oils, with nourishing Inca Inchi Oil and Vitamins A and E, just one drop accelerates drying time while also leaving nails and cuticles feeling revitalised.
  7. An essential in every beauty toolkit, our Nailberry File is the choice of professional nail technicians and nailcare converts; here’s why. It’s dual-sided fine 180/240 grit and soft cushioned board means it gently yet effectively smooths and shapes your natural nail without any risk of splitting or damage. Try it today… we’re quietly confident you won’t go back to your old file.

Explore our Apothecary range in more detail and purchase these unique treatments here.