NEW UV Gloss Top Coat | Setting a new standard for gel-like top coats

NEW UV Gloss Top Coat | Setting a new standard for gel-like top coats

Helping you colour your nails healthy is what we do best. We’ve spent the last decade innovating constantly to bring you the most breathable, nail-loving colour and care formulas on the market. And our brand new addition is, quite possibly, our finest achievement yet.

In recent years, we've heard from many of you frustrated by your love for the hard-wearing, supreme shine of gels, yet resentment over how your nail condition suffers. Now, it needn’t be so. New UV Gloss Top Coat is about to revolutionise your at-home manicure routine… for good!

Several years in the making, UV Gloss Top Coat creates an ultra-durable, mirror-like, glossy final layer fast, locking in the vibrancy and wear of your Nailberry nail colour for even longer.

The game-changing bit?

It achieves all this with one breathable, vegan, toxin-free formula that cures via sunlight and is easily removed with regular nail colour remover (acetone-free Clean is perfect). No need to buy a UV or LED lamp, no harsh removal or long soaking required. You simply delight in plump, pristine, exceptionally durable, gel-like shine for days… and days!

Inside our innovation

As with all our formulas, UV Gloss Top Coat is proudly breathable, moisture permeable, cruelty-free and vegan. We’ve also made it 25-free; it’s formulated without intentional use of ingredients such as methyl ethyl ketone, methacrylic acid, triphenyl phosphate and more (we delve into this topic in more detail in our UV Gloss Top Coat Innovation Spotlight). What this means for you is that, by eliminating ingredients that risk weakening and drying out your nails, we’re helping foster a far better nail care environment and experience.

The ingenious way UV Gloss Top Coat quickly forms a plump, shiny, crystal clear, very hard-wearing top layer through sunlight exposure only comes from our use of patented 3D reactive technology. To protect its efficacy, our bottle is opaque black.

“WOW, this is incredible. My manicure lasts even longer, I get even less chips and I love the finish too - it really does look like I’ve had gel nails.”
Layla, UV Gloss Top Coat tester

Our ultimate, breathable, gel-like manicure

For the very best results and your kindest, most durable, glossy and joyful at-home manicure, we recommend you follow these three simple steps:
1 - apply one layer of Strengthen & Breathe Base Coat
2 - apply two coats of your chosen L’Oxygéné polish
3 - once touch-dry, finish with one layer of UV Gloss Top Coat. Cap the free edge of each nail and allow to dry completely (remember, you can speed up dry time with our Dry & Dash drops)

When you’re ready to refresh your manicure, simply soak a cotton pad in Clean Nail Colour Remover, then sweep over nails to quickly and easily remove all traces of base, colour and top coat.